What Agent Universe Has to Offer

As a BWJ Agent, you have complete access to the Agent Universe, powered by Travel Leaders Network, our travel consortium. Agent Universe is where your Agent Profiler lives. Every time you log in to agentuniverse.com to go to your Agent Profiler, you immediately see the Agent Universe landing page. You probably think to yourself, “Wow, there’s a lot going on here.” Indeed – there is! We’ll give you a very quick overview of what the Agent Universe has to offer, so that you can take advantage!

Agent Profiler

    You obviously already know about the Agent Profiler. Next to social media, it’s the best marketing tool you can use as a travel agent. It is essentially your very own landing page, where you can include information about yourself and your services for potential clients to see. Your contact information is on there too, for leads to immediately be able to get in touch with you.

    Education & Training

      Through Agent Universe, you can access the Travel Leaders Network Library (TLN). The TLN has a plethora of webinars, lessons, and workshops for you to partake and enroll in. It covers a variety of subject matter, from niche types of travel to specific destinations to marketing and lead generation. There are also specialist programs for those who want to take their business as a travel agent to the next level.

      FAM Trips/Agent Discounts/Agent Incentives

        Last but not least, Agent Universe also has several FAM Trips, Agent Discounts and Agent Incentives for you to take advantage of! These are all opportunities for you to travel at very low rates. The purpose is for you to experience destinations, hotels, excursions, and experiences for yourself so that you can later sell them to your clients.

        Agent Universe is undoubtedly an incredible resource for all BWJ Travel Agents. We highly encourage you all to explore it in depth and to take advantage of all that it has to offer. To learn more about Agent Universe, check out our videos on Agent Universe in our Travel Agent Academy.