Your guide to starting the ultimate travel agency!

Passion & Mindset

· Using Your Passion to Direct The Business

· Setting Yourself Up for Success

· How To Stay Persistent

· How To Overcome Adversity

Business Plan

· Market Research

· Creating your Business Strategy

· Discovering your Target Customer

· Opportunities Analysis

· Mission & Goals

Legal & Finance

· Business Registration & Taxes

· Protecting Yourself from Liability

· How to Structure Your Business (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S Corporation)

· Organizing your Business Finances

Competitive Analysis

· What Sets you Apart?

· Primary & Secondary Research

· Discovering Strengths/Weaknesses

· Opportunities & Threats

· Problem Solving

Funding & Budgetting

· How Much $ Do You Need to Invest in your Business?

· Reducing Financial Risk

· Managing your Cash Flow

· Getting Started without Money

Accelerated Growth

· Building a Strong Personal Brand

· Collaborating with Business Professionals/Influencers

· Maximizing Efficiency

· Reaching your Desired Goals

· Valuing your Time

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