ūüíį Highest Commission Rates in the Industry!


You Earn A Commission On Every Sale

Booking travel for your clients does not cost your travelers anything extra.

Every trip that is booked has a commission built-in to the retail price. Typically, commissions from our suppliers range anywhere from 10% to 38%.

Flight Travel


Average Commission

5% – 10%

Hotels & Resorts

Average Commission

10% – 20%
Desert Island

Vacation Packages

Average Commission

10% – 20%
Ship Travel


Average Commission

10% – 18%

Car Rentals

Average Commission

10% – 17%
Admission Ticket

Tours & Excursions

Average Commission

12% – 20%
Hiking Boots


Average Commission

10% – 15%

Travel Insurance

Average Commission

25% – 38%

Commission Calculator

See how much you can earn as a BWJ Travel Agent!

How Do Travel Agent Commissions Work?

Once you’ve made a booking for a client, you must enter it into the Travel eSolutions CRM system provided to you. This is a very important step to ensure you get paid for your bookings! Once your client has traveled, and our team has received the commissions from the supplier, you will get paid.


When Do You Get Paid?

The BWJ Team pays out commissions¬†immediately¬†unlike many other host agencies. This means that once the money is in our hands, within 1-2 weeks time… it’s in yours.


Why You Earn More Money with BWJ vs Competitors?

As the leading host travel agency, BWJ has Preferred Suppliers that pay Top-Tier Commission Brackets, which you benefit from by earning higher commission percentages. Let’s see what you can earn on a $4,000 vacation package booking with BWJ versus competitors.


You earn $280 more to your pocket on this one booking using BWJ. It would take you 2 bookings with competitors to earn the same amount of commission as you would on this 1 trip. over time, this would  make a huge difference to your annual income!


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