"Being a part of BWJ has helped me earn loads of side income..."

Katelyn (Manhattan, NY)

Realtor and Travel Agent

As a realtor in New York, I have a lot of high-end clients that travel internationally all the time. I’ve been helping book my VIP clients’ trips in and out of the country for years… I had no idea I could earn so much money on all of these reservations I’ve been doing online! I found the BWJ host agency and was simply astonished. The commissions are amazing. Their coaching and education is priceless. Jacob and his team have taught me so much on how to build my own travel business on the side!


"I never thought being a travel agent could be so simple..."

Ayana (Seattle, WA)

Full-Time Travel Agent

For the longest time, I’d been interested in starting my own travel career; however, I was always afraid of all the costs involved. Although I’ve been the person in my friend group that always plans our trips and organizes events, starting a small business with a lack of industry experience was truly terrifying… until I found the BWJ team through Instagram! BWJ has really helped put so much focus in ensuring my success. Their tools, CRM, and education process give me all of the confidence I needed to start and head my own travel agency!


"Always wanted to be a travel agent but didn't have $500 for startup costs"

Jeffrey (Miami, FL)

Drop-Shipper and Travel Agent

Since I was fourteen, I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. Mix that with the passion I have for travel and becoming an agent has been on my mind for decades! Unfortunately, many of the host travel agencies I had researched charge an arm and a leg for their start-up costs and make it nearly impossible to test the waters before committing… until now! BWJ allowed me the opportunity to comfortably follow my dreams and become a travel agent without the $500 start-up fee that almost all other host agencies charge.


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