Training Videos on Agent Universe Available Now!

Training Videos on Agent Universe Available Now!

The highly anticipated training videos on agent universe are available now in the BWJ Travel Agent Academy

Agent Universe belongs to the Travel Leaders Network, which is the travel consortium that BWJ Travel is part of. The Agent Universe website offers a vast amount of tools, resources and education for BWJ Agents to take advantage of. Our training videos discuss them in depth, but here is a brief overview of what is covered.

Agent Profiler

Agent Profiler is an online lead generation tool for travel agents! It uses various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to help you attract leads. In creating an Agent Profiler, you’re essentially creating a landing page that has information about you and your services. It serves as a superior alternative to building a website from scratch. Furthermore, it is arguably the best way for travel agents to market themselves and acquire clientele. In our training video on Agent Profiler, we provide an in-depth, step-by-step guide on how to create one yourself.

Additional Education & Training

On Agent Universe, you can access what is called the Travel Leaders Network (TLN) Library. The TLN Library offers a large selection of workshops, webinars, and recorded on-demand lessons on various topics. Much of the education and training that is available on the TLN Library is free of cost to you. As we know, knowledge and insight are essential to being a successful travel agent – and the TLN Library is there to set you up for success. In our training video about Additional Education & Training, we provide an overview on how to navigate the TLN Library.

Cruise Complete

Through Agent Universe, you may also access Cruise Complete. Cruise Complete is a robust, web-based booking system for a wide selection of cruise vacations. With three different search modes, an easy-to-use comparison tool, and so much more, Cruise Complete may soon be your preferred method of booking cruises. In our training video on Cruise Complete, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the system to book a cruise for a client (or for yourself).

Marketing & Incentives

Agent Universe consistently offers a great variety of marketing tools/resources as well as agent opportunities and incentives. Among those marketing tools are a social media content calendar and a photo gallery full of royalty-free images. And among those agent opportunities and incentives are FAM Trips and highly discounted travel experiences. Our training video on Marketing & Incentives provides a cohesive overview of all the exciting offers that you’ll see when you log in to Agent Universe.