The 2 Most Important Tools BWJ Offers

By being a BWJ Agent, you have access to training, live meetings, suppliers, and various useful tools and resources. The 2 most important tools that BWJ offers are the CC Authorization Form and the CRM. Let’s dive deeper into both.

CC Authorization Form

The credit card (CC) Authorization Form is a form for your client to fill out and sign. The main purpose of this form is twofold: 1) to acquire the client’s credit card information and 2) to receive permission from the client to use that card to make a payment for a booking. The CC Authorization Form is also a means to confirm the spelling of your client’s name and their date of birth; it’s essential that both of those pieces of information are accurate for bookings.


The CRM, or the Customer Relationship Management, tool that we offer to our BWJ Agents is the Tess CRM. The purpose of the CRM is also twofold: 1) for you to keep track of your clients and their trip bookings and 2) for us to be able to track your commissions and pay you out. Please note that in order for you to receive your commissions, you MUST input your bookings into the CRM. When you log in to access the Tess CRM for the first time, you’ll see an option for a $10/month standard membership and a $25/month advanced membership. As a BWJ Agent, you will have access to the standard membership for FREE – we cover that cost for you. If you choose to get the advanced membership, you’d only have to pay for the difference every month.

These are the 2 most important tools that BWJ offers because they are absolutely mandatory for you to use as you serve your clients. Keep that in mind and make sure to use them!