3 Travel Agent Courses You Should Take

We’ve just released four training videos covering Agent Universe, one of which is about the Travel Leaders Network (TLN) Library. The TLN Library offers a large selection of workshops, webinars, and recorded on-demand lessons on various topics. With so many courses to choose from, you might not know where to start. Well, here are 3 travel agent courses you should take: 

Cruise Complete 

Cruise Complete is a robust, web-based booking system for a wide selection of cruise vacations. The BWJ Travel Academy has a training video that provides an overview on how to book a cruise for a client on Cruise Complete. However, we advise using the TLN Library’s course on it, as well, as it includes several videos that go into depth about some topics that we don’t cover. Such topics include how to cancel/modify bookings, how to do split payments, and how to use the enhanced search tool. 


While the BWJ Travel Academy contains several videos on marketing and lead generation, we advise in enrolling in some of the TLN Library’s marketing courses, as well, for supplemental knowledge. Agent Universe has a multitude of marketing tools and resources, so it could be useful to learn about marketing directly from the Travel Leaders Network. They cover various approaches, techniques, and strategies for you to adopt as you see fit.

Travel Leaders Network Certified Specialist Programs

The TLN Library also includes the Travel Leaders Network Certified Specialist Programs. There are 5 of these programs: Adventure Travel, Group Travel, Honeymoon & Destination Wedding, Leisure Travel, and Luxury Travel. Each of these programs cost $295 to enroll. We advise you to only partake in a specialist program when you are ready to take your career as a travel agent to the next level. If you are still at the beginning of your journey, we suggest you simply continue to acquire experience and use all the free resources available to you.