The Difference Between FAM Trips and Agent Incentives

The Difference Between FAM Trips and Agent Incentives

As we know very well by now, the Agent Universe website has a plethora of tools and resources for travel agents. Among those resources are opportunities for travel agents to partake in travel experiences themselves. Under the “Resources” tab on, you’ll see a section for “Agent Discounts/FAMs” and another section for  “Agent Incentives/Offers.” So what is the difference between FAM Trips and Agent Incentives?

FAM Trips, or familiarization trips, are trips that suppliers organize for travel agents to go on to experience a hotel, cruise, excursion, or whatever else. Travel agents get to partake in FAM Trips for heavily discounted rates as opposed to paying retail prices. In the Agent Discounts/FAMs section on Agent Universe, you’ll see a list of offers from various suppliers. Many of those offers are just general agent discounts, while some are specifically organized opportunities.

Agent incentives, on the other hand, are reward-based opportunities for travel agents to earn discounted/free trips or to earn extra commissions. Suppliers offer such opportunities to incentivize travel agents to sell their travel experiences. For instance, Delta Vacations is currently holding a booking incentive contest to win a $1,000 Delta Voucher. For a limited time, be one of eight top sellers to win a $1,000 Delta® flight voucher to any Delta Vacations destination! Each travel advisor with the highest booking revenue for one of the below eight hotel brands will be a winner.

In other words, the main difference is that for agent incentives, you generally have to earn the prize through sales. With FAM Trips, that’s not the case. However, that isn’t to say that just any travel agent can get any FAM Trip. Many FAM Trip opportunities still have their unique requirements and steps that are necessary for you to qualify for them. 

Take some time to explore the various FAM Trips, discounts, and incentives that Agent Universe has to offer. Who knows – you may end up going on a trip of a lifetime!