Why You Should Build Your Relationship with Suppliers

Why You Should Build Your Relationship with Suppliers

As a BWJ Travel agent, you’re able to access 20+ travel suppliers. Some of them you’ll be using more frequently than others, depending on your niche. On your career path as a travel agent, your relationships with your suppliers are going to be very important. Here are three reasons why you should build your relationship with suppliers as a travel agent:

1. FAM Trip Opportunities

Let’s start with the most exciting reason why you should build your relationship with travel suppliers – FAM Trip opportunities! FAM Trips, or familiarization trips, are trips that suppliers organize for travel agents to go on to experience a hotel, cruise, excursion, or whatever else. These trips are generally either free (you may just have to pay for airfare) or heavily discounted. The purpose of these trips is so you can get direct insight on the travel experiences that you are selling to your clients.  

2. Discounted Rates and Vouchers

Aside from FAM Trips, suppliers often have discounted rates and vouchers available for travel agents to take advantage of. You can use them for yourself or for your clients! Book a trip at a discounted rate and mark it up for some extra commission, while still keeping the price low enough to make your client happy. Or book a trip and throw in a spa voucher for your client to make their vacation extra special.

3. Knowledge, Insight, and Direct Support

As you build your relationship with a supplier, you’ll inevitably learn a lot more about them. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of all they have to offer and how to book the best trip for your client. Furthermore, you’ll build a rapport with the supplier’s team, and with that, you’ll be more likely to receive direct support from them. 

Don’t know which suppliers you should use? Check out the “Book” tab on the BWJ Travel Agents Portal.

Now that you know why you should build your relationship with suppliers, let’s get into how.