Why AI Can’t Replace Human Travel Agents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has been developing quite rapidly in recent years, and it’s been getting integrated across a large variety of industries – including travel. Some examples of this include Mondee’s Ahbi tool, and more recently Expedia’s integration of ChatGPT. Many people already ask the question, “Why would anyone book with a travel agent when they can just book online?” Now with AI in the picture, that question seems to be even more pressing.

We must remember that AI is first and foremost a tool, not a replacement, for travel agents. You, yourself, as a travel agent can use AI to help plan trips for people, and we encourage you to! However, it is only a tool and it is always going to be limited in the amount of information it contains and how accurate it is. A person can travel to Puerto Vallarta, stay at an all inclusive resort, dip their toes in the sand, sip on a fruity cocktail, and taste a savory taco con carne asada – but AI can’t! You as a human travel agent will always have the potential to have more experience and insight than a robot. Therefore, you will be more trustworthy and reliable.

AI’s communication of inaccurate information is already becoming problematic in the travel world. Just recently, Air Canada found itself in a lawsuit because its chatbot provided a client with misleading information. We’re likely to see more incidences of this as we continue on this path. That’s why the role of travel agents is still important and necessary. 

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