When Your Client’s Flight Changes

When Your Client’s Flight Changes

It’s the winter and holiday season, so flight changes, delays, and even cancellations are to be expected. This can be frustrating for any traveler. That’s why as a travel agent, you want to be there for your client if something like that happens. Here are a few things that you should do when your client’s flight changes:

Maintain communication with your client

Having flight changes is stressful enough – don’t add to the stress by being unresponsive! At a time like that, your client will want to hear from you. Make sure to be present and available, and even proactive. Respond or reach out to your client and reassure them that you’re there to help.

Notify the hotel and transfer services

If your client’s flight change causes them to run late to their destination, make sure you communicate this with their transfer service and/or hotel. It’s important that they are notified so that your client is not deemed a no-show. 

Arrange last minute accommodations

If your client’s flight change is so drastic that they end up stuck in the airport overnight, suggest that they get some rest at a nearby hotel. If your client agrees to that suggestion, get to work right away and do your best to find them nearby accommodations.

Help your client get on the next flight

Last but not least, make sure to help your client get on the next flight out to their destination. 

When your client’s flight changes, you can’t do much about the flight change itself. All you can do is support your client and make necessary adjustments to their itinerary. You also don’t have to do this for free – you’re welcome to charge a service fee if you feel it’s appropriate (depending on how you conduct business and your relationship with the client). 
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