When to Start Marketing Yourself as a Travel Agent

When to Start Marketing Yourself as a Travel Agent

You just became a BWJ Travel Agent and your number one thought is, “How do I get clients?” That is an amazing question and we are so glad that you are asking it. We have full lessons on this topic in our Travel Agent Academy. But before you dive into the how, let’s discuss when to start marketing yourself.

These are the things you should get done before you begin to market yourself as a travel agent:

Complete your Start Up Guide Requirements

When you first sign up as a BWJ Travel Agent, you will be required to complete your Start Up Guide Requirements in order to get access to all that BWJ has to offer. The Start Up Guide Requirements are as follows:

Step #1: Complete Start-Up Guide

Please log into your Travel Agent Portal & click here to complete the Mandatory Start-Up Guide videos. 

*Note: Make sure to click “Complete” when watching the videos for it to register you have completed them*

Step #2: Sign the IC Agreement

After the lesson, you will receive a follow-up email to sign the IC Agreement and register for payouts.

Step #3: Verify your Identity

After signing you will receive the final link to submit a quick step-by-step document verification.

Have the Meet and Greet Call with Edwin

Our Chief of Operations, Edwin, has 2-3 Meet and Greet calls per week with brand new BWJ Travel Agents. During these group calls, he provides a concise overview of how it works to be a BWJ Travel Agent. Many of your initial questions will be answered during this call. You can schedule your Meet and Greet call here: https://calendly.com/bwj-support/meet-and-greet

Go through the courses in the Travel Agent Academy

Education is the most important aspect of all this. You’ve got to learn the ins and outs of how to be a travel agent before you begin marketing yourself as one.

Pick your niche

This is something we heavily emphasize: pick your specialty as a travel agent. Your niche is your brand, and it’s going to determine what kind of trips you sell, what kind of clients you sell to, which suppliers you’ll be using, and more.

Request access to suppliers

You’ll need access to travel suppliers to actually book any trips. As a BWJ Travel Agent, you can request access to up to 20+ reputable travel suppliers here. If there is a travel supplier that you’d like to work with that isn’t in our list, email us at support@bwjagents.com and we will work to secure that supplier for you.

Make bookings for yourself or close friends/family

Before you start promoting your services to the masses, we suggest that the first few bookings you make be for yourself and your close friends/family. This way, you can familiarize yourself with how some of these suppliers work and how to input your bookings into the CRM. Practice makes perfect, and it’s best to start practicing with low stakes bookings. After a few bookings under your belt, you’ll be able to put yourself out there for real.

Now that we’ve gone over when to start marketing yourself, let’s get into the how. Check out our Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies videos in the Travel Agent Academy for more tips!