What are NCFs in Travel?

Norwegian Cruise Line recently announced that it will be reinstating its NCFs for travel advisors within the first quarter of 2024. Last year, the cruise line began a program to eliminate NCFs for travel agents who made bookings 120 days in advance. Norwegian Cruise Line was the first cruise line to make this move. But what are NCFs in travel and what does this all mean?

NCF stands for non-commissionable fare. In the cruise travel industry, that refers to some of the additional fees that are included in the total booking cost that travel advisors do not get paid commission on. Those additional fees are generally things like port fees and other fixed, pass-through charges. NCFs have caused some frustration and confusion amongst travel advisors, who aren’t happy about not getting commissions for those extra fees.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s decision to bring back NCFs is because their executives feel that eliminating them did not result in a strong enough boost in business to justify continuing to pay advisors more money. 

While this is unfortunate news for travel agents, it should not discourage you too much. There are always opportunities for professional and financial growth in this industry. Check out one of our latest blog posts on How to Maximize Your Commissions