The Perks of Being an Independent Travel Agent

The benefits of being in the travel industry are seemingly endless, but here is our list of top 5 perks of being an independent travel agent:

1. You get to work wherever you want

As long as you have working Wi-Fi, a phone, and a computer, you can work remotely. Work in the comfort of your own home or on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean with a drink in hand!

2. You get to work whenever you want

This is not your typical 9-5 job where you have to clock in and out at a certain time each day for 5 days a week. Whether you’re a morning bird, a night owl, or something in between, you can work at any time for however long you want. Having this flexibility is invaluable, especially if you already have a job, a family to take care of, and/or any other day-to-day obligations.

3. You get to work for yourself

Going hand-in-hand with points #1 and #2, as an independent travel agent, you will be your own boss. You won’t have to worry about dealing with an unreasonable employer or annoying coworkers. You’re the only person that you’ll have to answer to!

4. You get to save on your own travels

Saving money on your own trips and vacations is probably the best perk of all! You’ll get to save on your travels as a travel agent in three ways: 

  • You’ll be getting exclusive rates through our suppliers
  • You’ll be earning commissions on your bookings, which will serve as discounts
  • There are exclusive FAM Trip opportunities available through Agent Universe, which allow travel agents to experience hotels, cruises, excursions, and more at unbelievably low rates

5. You get to do what you love

We all know the saying, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Travel is an incredibly exciting industry to be in, and it’s a space that allows you to learn, grow, and thrive. I mean, what’s better than that?

There are so many more perks of being an independent travel agent – find out more here!