The Best Time to Book Holiday Travel

As a travel agent, your clients rely on your expertise to secure the best deals and experiences for their holiday travels. One of the most critical questions you face is: “When is the best time to make bookings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s travel?” The answer is actually right here! The best time to book holiday travel is in July and August. Here’s why you should consider advising your clients to book their holiday travels during this period.

The Best Time to Book Holiday Travel

Understanding the Booking Cycle

High Demand Seasons

From late spring through early summer, the travel industry experiences a surge in bookings. Families and individuals plan their summer vacations, Memorial Day getaways, and Fourth of July celebrations. During these times, demand is high, which drives prices up. Airlines, hotels, and tour operators know this and adjust their rates accordingly, making it a less-than-ideal time to find deals for the end-of-year holidays.

The Mid-Summer Lull

Once the peak summer travel season winds down, typically by mid-July, there is a noticeable dip in booking activity. This lull continues through August as most travelers have already finalized their summer plans. During this time, airlines and hotels are eager to fill seats and rooms for the slower months ahead, leading to more competitive pricing.

Why July and August Are Ideal for Holiday Bookings

  1. Lower Demand Equals Better Deals
    • With fewer travelers focusing on holiday bookings during July and August, airlines and hotels tend to lower their prices to attract customers. This period is an opportune time to find discounts and promotional offers that aren’t available during peak booking times.
  2. Availability of Preferred Options
    • Booking in advance during this quieter period means more availability. Whether your clients are looking for specific flight times, hotel rooms with the best views, or particular amenities, early booking increases the chances of securing these preferences.
  3. Stress-Free Planning
    • Encouraging your clients to book holiday travel in July or August can reduce the stress and last-minute rush that often accompanies holiday planning. With bookings secured early, clients can focus on enjoying their holidays rather than scrambling for last-minute arrangements.

Tips for Maximizing July-August Bookings

  1. Monitor Price Trends
    • Keep an eye on airfare and hotel rate trends starting in early July. Use tools and resources like Google Flights to your advantage.
  2. Communicate with Suppliers
    • Build strong relationships with airlines, hotels, and tour operators. Often, they offer exclusive deals to agents who are proactive and have a history of bookings during quieter periods.
  3. Educate Your Clients
    • Inform your clients about the benefits of early holiday bookings. Use newsletters, social media, and direct communication to highlight the potential savings and better options available by booking in July and August.
  4. Offer Incentives
    • Consider offering incentives to clients who book their holiday travel during this period. Discounts on service fees or added perks can motivate clients to make early decisions.


As a travel agent, timing your bookings is as crucial as choosing the right destination. By leveraging the July-August window, you can provide your clients with the best deals and experiences for their Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s travels. Not only will this strategy save them money, but it will also enhance their overall travel experience, ensuring they return to you for their future travel needs.

Embrace the best time to book holiday travel, this mid-summer lull, and make it the cornerstone of your holiday travel booking strategy. Your clients will thank you for it, and your business will benefit from the increased satisfaction and loyalty.