The 4 Kinds of Clients You’ll Have

The 4 Kinds of Clients You’ll Have

As a travel agent, you’re going to deal with all kinds of different people who all have their own different preferences, habits, interests, wants, and needs. Each client is going to require their own special attention and care. However, for the most part, you can lump people together in four categories. Here are the 4 kinds of clients you’ll have as a travel agent.

Analytical (Introverted & Logical)

The Analytical client is going to be quiet and pragmatic. They care about details and accuracy. They’ll want to understand the specifics and be able to weigh the differences between options. Your approach will have to be calm and diagnostic. Give them a detailed itinerary to consider, use charts when possible, and provide clear comparisons between available options.

Controller (Extroverted & Logical)

Like the Analytical client, the Controller is logical. The difference, however, is that the Controller doesn’t want to sit through a presentation of all the options and all the details. Any phone call you have with them should be a quick one – no longer than 10 minutes maximum. They’re loud, fast, efficient, and decisive – you can cut to the chase and give them quick bullet points so they can make a decision and move on.

Enthusiast (Extroverted & Emotional)

A client who’s an Enthusiast is generally energetic, creative, fun, and driven by excitement. They want to hear stories about the places that they want to visit and the excursions they want to embark on. You can share your other clients’ stories with the Enthusiasts so that they can form a vision and get excited about their own potential adventure or vacation.

Amiable (Introverted & Emotional)

The Amiable client is usually pretty laid back. They’ll want a longer conversation with you. With this type of client, you’ll want to take on a calm demeanor, and be friendly and thoughtful towards them. It’s really important to show them that you care – send them birthday cards, remember their pets’ or their kids’ names, and so on. 

Being familiar with the 4 kinds of clients you’ll have and being able to identify them will greatly improve your relationship with clients. To identify what category your client falls in, just be extremely observant in your interactions with them.