Meet Your Travel Goals in 2024

We hope that you have set travel-related goals as part of your new year’s resolutions! You might be wanting to book a certain number of trips this year, or you might want to reach a certain amount in profit. Regardless of what your goals are, the BWJ Team is here to help you achieve them! Here are three tips to help you meet your travel goals in 2024:

1. Create an Agent Profiler

Creating an Agent Profiler on the Agent Universe (Travel Leaders Network) website offers you a strategic advantage by acting as a powerful lead generation tool. With a comprehensive online presence, you can attract potential clients seeking tailored travel experiences. The platform serves as a showcase for your expertise, allowing prospective travelers to discover your specialties and previous successful ventures. This visibility not only instills confidence in clients but also significantly increases the chances of generating new leads. 

2. Follow up with clients

In the travel business, following up with clients is super important to close the deal. After the first conversation, keeping in touch shows you care and helps answer any questions they might have. It builds trust and makes sure their trip plans fit just right. So, for travel agents, staying connected isn’t just nice; it’s the key to turning travel dreams into awesome, finalized adventures.

3. Take advantage of FAM Trips/agent discounts

Travel agents can enhance their expertise and offer better deals to clients by making the most of FAM (familiarization) trips and agent discounts. FAM trips provide firsthand experience of destinations, while agent discounts on accommodations and more not only help agents save costs but also enable them to provide competitive pricing to clients. These opportunities contribute to agents’ professional growth and empower them to deliver exceptional value, strengthening their position in the travel industry.