Ins and Outs for 2024 – Travel Agent Edition

It’s a new year, new you! That means embracing new habits and experiences while letting go of old ones that no longer serve us. Let’s get into the Ins and Outs for 2024 – Travel Agent Edition:

Ins for 2024

  • Getting through all the trainings in the Travel Agent Academy
  • Joining Jacob’s Pod every other Sunday
  • Setting up an Agent Profiler
  • Taking advantage of agent discounts and FAM trips
  • Following up with clients

Outs for 2024

  • Giving up before really trying
  • Watching the trainings without implementing the lessons
  • Wasting money on paid marketing in the beginning (social media is your best friend)
  • Wasting time on manual research (use ChatGPT for help!)
  • Being discouraged by “cheap” online prices (online booking engines are NOT your competition!)