How to Pick Your Niche as a Travel Agent

how to pick your niche as a travel agent

At the beginning of your journey as a travel agent, we highly advise you to first and foremost select your niche, or the particular area of travel that you will be specializing in. But how do you pick your niche?

Your niche can be based on any of the following:

  1. The type of client you want to serve (i.e. solo female travelers, families, young couples, retired elders, etc.)
  2. The type of destinations (i.e. tropical, domestic U.S., the Mediterranean, etc.)
  3. The type of travel (i.e. relaxing getaways, business trips, exciting adventures, romantic honeymoons, cruises, etc.)

To decide what niche you want to specialize in, ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What sort of travel do I already have experience in?
  2. What sort of travel am I genuinely interested in?
  3. What sort of clients would I have the easiest or most immediate access to, if any?

Asking yourself the above questions will help you get closer to determining the niche that is right for you. 

Now that we know how to pick your niche, let’s get into why it’s so important. We highly suggest that your niche be your starting point in your journey as a travel agent because that is what will determine all of the following:

  • What travel suppliers you’ll use
  • What kind of knowledge/insight you’ll focus on acquiring
  • How you’ll brand yourself, and how you’ll acquire your clients

To give you an example, Jacob himself is an all-inclusive vacations specialist. He chose this niche because growing up, his family would often vacation at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. Naturally, he took interest, and he developed his brand, client base, and expertise accordingly. He generally uses Vax Vacations to book all-inclusive vacations for his clients and was even featured in their Compass Magazine!

We discuss all of the above and more in our Marketing and Lead Generation videos located in the Travel Agent Academy. If you need further guidance on selecting your niche, you’re welcome to reach out to our BWJ Support team and we will schedule a 1-on-1 call for you with our Chief of Operations, Edwin! You may reach us at or (818) 450-8085.