How to Maximize Your Commissions

How to Maximize Your Commissions

As a travel agent, you work hard to provide excellent service to your clients. It’s only right that you’re paid accordingly. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your commissions!

Don’t sell flights only

To maximize your commissions, we highly advise against specializing in flight-only bookings. Travel suppliers do not offer commissions on flight-only bookings; this is the industry standard. You’re free to charge your own service fee on flight-only bookings, if you’d like to. However, chances are that you’d have to keep your service fees relatively low in order to remain competitive. Therefore, you won’t be able to make the most money possible as a travel agent if flight-only bookings are the only kind of bookings you do.

Upgrade and Upsell

Most, if not all, hotels and cruises offer various room categories, some of which are higher in price and quality than the others. Whenever possible and appropriate, we suggest that you recommend the higher tier rooms to your clients. These rooms will be at higher price points and therefore, you’ll make more commission. Plus, your client will have a better experience!

Adjust commission amount (when applicable)

Some travel suppliers will allow you to adjust the amount of commission that you get on a given booking. If you find a particularly good deal and can make a little bit more commission on it while still keeping the price low for the client, then you should take advantage of that! It will be a win-win situation for you both: you’ll make a little bit more money and your client will still save on their trip.

Sell travel insurance

Adding travel insurance to your clients’ trip is one of the best ways to maximize your commissions. You can get up to 30% commission on travel insurance alone – that’s higher than all other kinds of bookings! One way to sell more travel insurance is to practice the “opt out method.” Instead of asking your client if they’d like to opt in for travel insurance, let them know that you’ve already automatically added it onto the trip and they have the option to decline it.

There is a lot of opportunity for growth as a travel agent, and we hope that you apply these methods to grow your business!