How to Keep Track of Senior Travelers

How to Keep Track of Senior Travelers

Our Chief of Operations, Edwin, recently led a group cruise trip to Cabo aboard the Carnival Panorama. This trip presented unique challenges as the majority of the travelers were seniors, with varying levels of English and Spanish proficiency. Here’s how he kept track of the senior travelers during the trip so that they wouldn’t get lost.

To address communication barriers, each guest was provided with a personalized lanyard containing a badge holder. On one side of the card was the guest’s name and the itinerary for the week. On the other side, emergency contact information was provided in both English and Spanish, ensuring that all guests had access to assistance if needed.

For individuals without mobile phone access, additional security measures were taken. Apple AirTags were discreetly placed in their badge holders, offering an extra layer of reassurance.

These efforts demonstrate the importance of proactive planning and consideration for diverse needs in the travel industry. By implementing practical solutions to address potential challenges, the group leader, in this case Edwin, ensured that every traveler felt supported and included throughout the trip.

As we reflect on this experience, it serves as a reminder of the value of attentive customer service in travel planning. By prioritizing safety and inclusivity, travel agents can create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact on their clients.