How to Get Clients as a Travel Agent (for FREE!)

How to Get Clients as a Travel Agent (for FREE!)

The number one question that new agents ask us is, “how do I get clients?” It’s a great question and we’re glad that you’re asking it because it means your mind is in the right place. Some worry that it will cost them additional money to acquire clients. However, that’s not true! Here are three tips on how to get clients as a travel agent (for FREE!): 

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is the most powerful way to market yourself as a travel agent. It begins with you simply telling people in your life that you are a travel agent and can provide these services for them. We also encourage you to incorporate it into your day-to-day conversations with people in general. Whether it’s at your day job during the week or the local farmer’s market on Sunday – if there’s a way to naturally bring it up into conversation, do it. Word of mouth marketing will become especially effective once you have your first few bookings under your belt. Do a great job and your clients will not only return to you themselves, but they’ll tell everybody about you.

Social media

You already see other people marketing their businesses on social media – that can be you too. Social media is the most accessible way to put yourself out there. Open up accounts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and start creating content! You can also connect and engage with others on these platforms, too. Follow and interact with other users who could be potential clients or partners as you build your own page!

Agent Profiler

The last tip we have in this guide is the Agent Profiler. The Agent Profiler is your very own profile within the Agent Universe/Travel Leaders Network. It is essentially a robust and easy-to-use search engine optimization (SEO) tool that is free for you to use as a BWJ Travel Agent. With a published Agent Profiler, prospective clients can find you and learn more about you and your services. It is an incredibly useful tool, and we recommend you build one of these instead of your own website when you’re just starting out.

Check out our Marketing and Lead Generation videos in the Travel Agent Academy for more tips on how to get clients as a travel agent!