How to Get Agent Discounts on Travel

We know that many of our agents are interested in getting discounts on your own travels, so here’s a breakdown of how to get them!

Supplier Commissions/Net Rates

As a travel agent, you already have access to suppliers’ net rates and commissions, which can be considered a discount. Some suppliers allow you to adjust the commission – so if you are booking the trip for yourself, you can just zero out the commission and book at a net wholesale rate. Some suppliers, however, like Expedia, have a fixed commission. You can’t make any adjustments. In those cases, you can just book the trip as normal, and then wait for your commission.

Supplier Offers

Some suppliers offer FAM (Familiarization) trips at low or no cost. Many of them generally require you to complete their trainings in order to qualify for such opportunities. For example, you can get a free cruise through Princess Cruises by doing their training and achieving Commodore level!

Agent Universe

Agent Universe constantly promotes various opportunities for bonus commissions and travel discounts. They are continuously changing, so make sure to check their Agent Incentives/Offers and Agent Discounts/FAMs frequently.

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