How to Build Your Relationship with Suppliers

How to Build Your Relationship with Suppliers

BWJ Agents are able to have access to over 20 travel suppliers. Depending on your specialty, you will be using some suppliers more than others. Whichever suppliers you use, it is important to build your relationships with them (as we discussed in our previous blog post). Here are three tips on how to build your relationship with suppliers:

1. Familiarize yourself with the supplier

To build your relationship with suppliers, you must start with the basics. Familiarize yourself with any given supplier by exploring their website extensively. Play around and see where everything is located so that when you start making bookings for clients, you’ll be able to do so quickly. Find out about all that the supplier has to offer, from special deals to unique accommodations, excursions, and more! You can even sign up to receive their email newsletters so you can get regular updates from them.

2. Book trips through them consistently

The most obvious and the best way to build your relationship with suppliers is to book trips through them consistently. This is also the best and most obvious way to familiarize yourself with the supplier – hands-on experience. By booking through a supplier consistently, you’ll show them that you have a loyal client base that they can benefit from. Booking with them consistently will also inevitably lead you to building rapport with their team. 

That leads to the last tip…

3. Maintain communication with the supplier’s team

As you consistently book trips with a supplier, maintain good communication with their team. Get on a first name basis with them, even. This way, they’ll be more likely to quickly and easily provide you with direct support as you need it.

Don’t know which suppliers you should use? Check out the “Book” tab on the BWJ Travel Agents Portal.