How to Be a Travel Agent If You Haven’t Traveled Much

How to Be a Travel Agent If You Haven’t Traveled Much

In a world where wanderlust is on the rise, the dream of becoming a travel agent often seems reserved for those who have traversed the globe. However, the truth is, you can embark on a rewarding career as a travel agent even if you haven’t accumulated an impressive list of passport stamps. Here’s how to be a travel agent if you haven’t traveled much:

1. Passion Over Passport Stamps

The heart of being a travel agent lies in a genuine passion for exploration and a deep understanding of the travel industry. While firsthand experiences are valuable, an unwavering enthusiasm for discovering new destinations and helping others do the same is what’s most important. Focus on nurturing your love for travel, and let it shine through in your interactions with clients.

2. Research, Research, RESEARCH

Thankfully we live in an age when information is readily accessible at our fingertips. That technology has only evolved in the past couple of years with impressive AI tools such as ChatGPT. Once you’ve picked a niche, do a deep dive into it. Let’s say your niche is leisure travel in the Caribbean. Here are some of the things you should do:

  • Familiarize yourself with the different destinations in the Caribbean and their unique characteristics
  • Learn about the different hotels in these destinations, find which ones are best suited for leisure travel
    • Read the reviews of any hotels, restaurants, activities, etc.
  • Follow content creators that specialize in creating content relevant to this niche
    • Read the comments of those posts
  • Make sure all the information that you are gathering is up-to-date and accurate

The steps above can be adjusted and applied to any niche that you choose. Use tools like ChatGPT to make your research much faster and easier.

3. Listen and Learn from Clients

Jacob has talked about the importance of following up with your clients before, during, and after a trip. Following up with them after a trip is the opportunity for you to learn more about the places that you are sending your clients to! When you speak to your clients after they’re back from a trip, these are some questions that you can ask:

  • How was your trip overall?
  • What was your favorite part of the trip?
  • Was everything about your trip what you expected it to be? 
  • Did you have a comfortable stay at your hotel?
  • Were the local restaurants any good?
  • Did you enjoy the tours/excursions that you went on?

Actively listen to your clients’ personal reviews of their experiences as they will be the most trustworthy and direct source of information. You can then take what they say and keep it in mind for future bookings for other clients.

And that’s how to be a travel agent even if you haven’t traveled much. You can be successful just by being passionate and by constantly learning. Nonetheless, we do encourage you to have your own travel experiences whenever possible by taking advantage of FAM Trips/agent discounts. That way, you can have incredible travel experiences without breaking the bank. Please also keep in mind that the BWJ Support Team can also always be a resource for advice and tips. Just reach out at or 1 (818) 450-8085