Governments Implementing Taxes to Prevent Over-tourism

With travel causing negative environmental and economic effects in popular destinations, some local governments are implementing tourist taxes to prevent over-tourism.

Although travel is an incredible thing, overtourism in certain areas certainly has its harmful effects. It can be disruptive to local communities in a given area and it can contribute to global pollution. 

We have already seen the effects of climate change in places like England, where the temperature reached record heights this summer. Many residents and tourists even reported heat exhaustion in various European destinations in 2023. We have also seen these kinds of effects in low lying destinations like the Maldives and Jakarta. Such areas will likely be fully submerged in the next couple of decades. 

Because of all of this, more and more governments are implementing taxes to prevent over-tourism. Here are just three popular destinations that have implemented such fees so far:

Venice, Italy implements a day trip fee for 2024

Venice, Italy

If your client wants to visit Venice, Italy in 2024, here’s what you need to advise them of:

  • Day trip fee starting spring 2024 on a trial basis
    • Will be in effect mainly just at times when the city is at its most crowded
  • It will cost €5 ($5.36) per person
  • It will apply to visitors ages 14 and up
  • It won’t apply to overnight visitors
    • Overnight visitors are already subject to a different tax
Miyajima, Japan implements a day trip fee

Miyajima, Japan

A day trip fee has been implemented for entering the island of Miyajima, where the Itsukushima Shrine is located. Here’s what you need to advise your clients of:

  • Each visit will cost 100 yen (67 cents)
  • Visitors can get a full year of access for 500 yen ($3.35)
Amsterdam increases tourist tax for 2024

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s increased tourist tax in 2024 will make it the most expensive in Europe. Here’s what you need to advise your clients of:

  • Tourist tax on overnight stays in the city will be 12.5% of the cost of the hotel room
  • For the cruise industry, passengers will have to pay €11 ($11.50) per person

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