Key Supplier Benefits

Perfectly Planned

As a travel agent, a client might expect you to know everything about everywhere, but with the world being so big - that’s impossible! So instead of spending hours trying to figure it, you can lean on Globus’s 90 years’ of experience in travel. With one-stop, you can secure an exclusive experience with all the right inclusions for your clients.

More Inclusions - More Experiences

As a travel agent you know that clients love extras - until they're charged extra. So Globus includes more visits, toss in more experiences, and includes more sightseeing, all in the price of the vacation. So the only surprises your clients will encounter are the ones that Globus has thoughtfully planned for them.

#1 Tour Directors & Guides

Globus is connected with genuine locals and experts on the region through which your clients are traveling. These true insiders provide a deeper insight on a given destination, which will greatly enhance your clients’ experience!


A Globus tour allows your clients time to create memorable moments of their own. They build freedom into every itinerary so they can spend time on leisure activities that call to them along the way, such as strolling down that beckoning side street, meandering into that hidden bookstore, and lingering around that inviting sidewalk café.

Hotels - In The Heart Of The Destination

Among all that’s included on a Globus vacation are the perfect places for your clients to rest – and by perfect, they mean perfect. Perfectly located, superior accommodations that will maximize your clients’ time, fun, and overall experience.

VIP - Skip All The Lines

Those long queues at the most popular attractions are a turn-off for anybody. But don’t worry, your clients won’t be standing in them. Globus will arrange VIP access at the legendary sights so they can mosey in, marvel, and move on to the next “must” on their bucket list.