Booking Vacation Bundles vs Booking Separately

Booking Vacation Bundles vs Booking Separately

Many clients will want you to book the entire vacation for them, meaning some combination of the following: Flight, Hotel, Car Rental, Excursion. With some travel suppliers, like Expedia TAAP and Vax Vacations, you can book all of these in one booking as a bundle. Alternatively, you can use separate travel suppliers to book each thing. For instance, you can use Downtown Travel to book the flight, BedsOnline to book the hotel and Amstar to book the excursion. Booking vacation bundles vs booking separately – either way is possible and completely up to you. 

Booking vacation bundles in one place, like Expedia TAAP and Vax Vacations, is obviously the easier method. Instead of navigating multiple different sites and managing multiple different bookings, you can have everything in one place. We generally recommend our beginner agents to go this route to avoid confusion, headache, or potential mistakes. 

Now, if booking vacation packages through suppliers like Expedia TAAP and Vax Vacations is so easy, why do it any other way? That’s a great question. Sometimes, booking the flight, hotel, etc. separately can provide an opportunity for more savings for your client and/or more commission for you. On their own, Downtown Travel may be offering lower airfares and BedsOnline may have better hotel rates, so using each supplier to book a flight and hotel, respectively, can come out to be less expensive than booking a flight + hotel bundle on Expedia TAAP or Vax Vacations.

Suppliers’ rates, offers, and availability are constantly changing. Between booking vacation bundles vs booking separately, you never know which method will be the more profitable one until you actually check. If you are still a beginner, we recommend that you stick to Expedia TAAP and Vax Vacations to book vacation bundles. As you become more familiar with the booking process, we encourage you to expand your horizons and try booking separate travel elements. 

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