7 Powerful Ways to Unlock Hidden Travel Agent Earnings

Do you love to plan long holidays or getaways? If yes, then the prospect of helping others find exotic locations around the world should be really appealing to you! Well, in short, that is what being a travel agent is all about. When done right, it can reward you with significant financial benefits, too, and it doesn’t need a lot of your time.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Book With Jacob is an established elite travel agent training agency. With us, you can start by becoming a travel agent, even if you’ve never done this before. With tons of learning material and guided experience – becoming a high-flying travel agent has never been easier!

We’ll take you to the next level through some handy tips you can use to improve your earnings as a travel agent –

1) Focus on Niche Locations

Have you heard of the term supply and demand? What it basically means is that when supply is low, demand is high. Straightforward enough, right? The same thing applies to holidays as well. You don’t want to be the hundredth agent offering booking to clients for the same destination as other people. You’re just not going to make money doing that.

Instead, you should research exotic travel locales online that not many agents have discovered. This might be tough to find at first, but in time, you’ll get the hang of it. Selling people the idea of experiencing places they’ve never been before is what you should be aiming for.

2) Build Long-Term Relationships

One of the biggest mistakes people commit in this industry is after a client has booked a trip with an agent, they drop them quicker than a hot potato. Doing this hurts your chances of creating a continued business relationship with your clients. It is important to remember people who love traveling are going to do that till they can.

Being in communication with them through this period is vital. It ensures that they will look for the one person they can rely on for their traveling needs – you! Always keep communication open and reach out to them periodically to gauge their interest. But not too often because that can be a turn-off, and they’ll end up blocking your number!

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3) Upsell Additional Services

One of the benefits of being a travel agent is that you don’t have to try too hard to upsell additional services. But what is shocking is that most agents forget or don’t care to do it! Some agents are under the misconception that upselling is seen as cheap – they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Some services like travel insurance and airport transfers are essential for travelers, especially for first-timers. You can also take guided tours and make exclusive dining reservations to sweeten the deal.

4) Coordinate Group Travel

Most travel agents who are just starting out make the mistake of not using group travel for their clients to lower their costs. If you’ve also made this error, don’t worry; it will come with better experience and guidance. And that is why you should choose BWJ Agents as your travel agent educator – we can ensure that you’ll leave no money on the table!

Experienced agents organize their traveling parties into groups of people, which can draw group discounts from hotels and other businesses. You can pass these benefits to your clients and build trust with them!

5) Leverage Booking Platforms

Talking about leaving money on the table, another area where beginners fail to capitalize is online booking platforms. It offers several advantages for the travel agent, including better visibility, more reach, real-time availability, and more.

Travel agents can make use of advanced analytics to better understand their customer base and improve their performance. Some platforms also include customer relationship management systems that can track and report on several client metrics.

6) Negotiate Commissions

As a travel agent, you should never shy away from getting what you’re worth. The travel industry is a highly competitive space and to make a difference, you need to negotiate and negotiate hard. Identify key travel service providers and have meetings with them.

Push for incentives and partnerships that can offer you better financial benefits. It is important that you give them an accurate picture of your client base and your “sphere of influence.” When all is done, ensure that you keep tabs on them and adjust them accordingly when needed.

7) Keep Ahead of the Curve

The learning never stops when you become a travel agent. The reason is simple – things are always changing in this industry. There’s always some new locale that is going to be trending on socials that people want to get to. Not to mention, destinations are constantly updating their facilities, ensuring they can attract new clientele to their facilities.

As an elite travel agent, you need to keep track of all of these aspects. The better informed you are, the more chances you have of standing apart from other travel agents.

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