5 Holiday Packing Tips for Your Clients

5 Holiday Packing Tips for Your Clients

Lots of people are traveling over the holidays, possibly including yourself and your clients! Here are 5 holiday packing tips for you and your clients to make traveling breeze amidst the holiday chaos:

Have a packing list

Packing for a trip can be an overwhelming task. A packing list can relieve that stress because it’ll keep you organized and clear-headed. When creating a packing list, consider the following:

  • The destination(s) and what the weather is going to be like during the trip
  • The kinds of activities that will take place during the trip
  • How long the trip will be
  • The baggage allowance for the flight(s)

Don’t wrap gifts

If the purpose of travel is to visit loved ones, you or your client may be taking Christmas gifts with you. If that is the case, we recommend leaving those gifts unwrapped. You don’t want to get to TSA and end up having to undo your hard work if they ask you to unwrap something for them to check. 

Coordinate with your travel companion(s)

Traveling with a companion? Have some of your belongings in their luggage and vice versa. There is always a possibility of baggage getting lost along the way, so having this sort of contingency plan can end up being a lifesaver! 

Tag your baggage

Another possibility is your bag getting taken by someone else at baggage claim by mistake. A smart way to avoid this is by having a unique tag on your luggage so it’s easy to know who it does or doesn’t belong to.

Leave room for gifts

If the purpose of travel is to visit loved ones, then you might be getting gifts too or you may want to do holiday shopping while you’re away. Leave a little extra room in your luggage to bring gifts back with you!

Those are our 5 holiday packing tips for your clients and for you!