4 Quick Tips for Travel Agents from Mary

4 Quick Tips for Travel Agents from Mary

You know her, you love her – Mary, our new BWJ Support rockstar, has some quick tips for travel agents! Let’s get right into it.

Check your spam

Sometimes, emails from BWJ Support, travel suppliers, and other legitimate senders accidentally go into your spam folder. After you check your inbox, take a peek into your spam folder to make sure you don’t miss anything urgent or important.

Use Google Chrome

If you normally use Safari or some other browser, you’ve likely encountered issues logging into your Agent Portal or into some of the travel supplier websites. This is because these websites are not optimized for those browsers. In general, Google Chrome is the better choice. You can download Google Chrome onto your computer here. You can download the Google Chrome app on your phone too – just find it in the App Store!

How to get FAM Trips

We know that a lot of our agents are particularly interested in FAM Trip opportunities – as you should be! Of course, not everybody gets to go on these trips. They are exclusive to travel agents, and some suppliers have even more prerequisites for some opportunities. In some cases, you may even have to go through a special certification course to qualify for a FAM Trip. Make sure to be mindful of that!

When you get commissions

This is a friendly reminder that commissions come through to you upon trip completion, not upon trip booking. After your client completes their trip, the supplier takes some time to send the commission over to us. Once we get it, we’ll pay you out that same week at the end of the week. Learn more about our commission rates here.

Those are Mary’s 4 quick tips for travel agents! If you have any other questions or need assistance, you are always welcome to reach out at support@bwjagents.com or (818) 450-8085.