3 Unique Travel Niches to Consider

3 Unique Travel Niches to Consider

You have heard us say it a million times – you’ve got to pick a niche (AKA specialty) as a travel agent. Your niche will determine how you brand and market yourself, what kind of suppliers you use, and what kind of clients you serve. If you’re still unsure of what niche to choose or if you’d like to pivot from what you’re already specializing in, here are 3 unique travel niches to consider.

Concert Travel

Did you know that Taylor Swift single-handedly brought in $10 billion to the travel industry this year? Many of her fans traveled far and wide to attend her shows taking place all over the country during her nationwide tour. This, of course, led to large amounts of revenue going toward transportation and hotel accommodations. There are a lot of people in this world who are passionate about music and are willing to go the distance for their favorite artists. That creates an opportunity for travel agents to specialize in concert travel! You can even sell concert tickets yourself by using Golden Tickets as a supplier. 

Pet-Friendly Travel

They say pets are family too, and they would be right! Lots of pet owners are interested in traveling with their pets, but run into trouble due to regulations set by airlines and hotels. Traveling with a pet generally involves additional paperwork and fees, and some places outright do not allow animals. Service animals may be exempt from such bans, but in such cases, paperwork is still necessary. As a pet-friendly travel specialist, you can help pet owners travel with ease and peace of mind.

Accessible Travel

Lots of changes are taking place throughout the industry to make travel more accessible to all. Some people require additional/special accommodations to make their travel experience possible and comfortable. There are some places and situations, however, that might be inaccessible to some. As an accessible travel specialist, you’ll be able to provide a unique service to people with disabilities or special conditions in order to ensure that they have a safe, comfortable, and amazing experience wherever they go.

Of the 3 unique travel niches – which one sounds the best to you?